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SWRCCS Coronavirus

Pandemic Response



The Coronavirus pandemic has brought challenges to all of us including South West Ross Community Car Scheme (SWRCCS). The situation is constantly changing but we are trying to ensure we follow the latest guidance and support efforts to limit the spread of the disease. This is an ongoing rapidly changing environment but we will continue to support members of the community and our volunteers affected by the situation with the full backing of our funders.


What we are no longer doing

SWRCCS will no longer be able to take passengers on journeys unless there are exceptional circumstances. Only the most essential journeys will be considered and these would normally be with the full backing of the local health professionals, including GPs, dentists or opticians. If you need such an essential journey then please phone Peter on 01445791335.


What we are doing

SWRCCS is working with local people, volunteers, shops and cafes, local medical practices and others to provide some support to vulnerable groups and people who are self isolating and have no local friends, neighbours or family who are able to support them. There is a huge amount of support already out there and we certainly don’t want to undermine this fantastic community spirit or take its place, but we are there for anyone who can’t - for whatever reason - access that.


SWRCCS telephonists are to regularly contact previous clients and others who are isolated to check on them and to see if they have everything they need.


SWRCCS drivers will be delivering prescription medicines, food and other necessaries to those who need it or for whom commercial services are not available or are not a practicable option.


What we can do

By phoning 01445791436 we can be asked to :-


  • Deliver prescription medicines

  • Deliver food

  • Deliver DVDs (from Shieldaig Film Club) or other things to make life a little easier (shared resources so no payment needed)

  • Take small essential household utensils such as kettles etc away for repair / replacement

  • Make a regular phone call to you to make sure you are OK

  • Do some research for you into what services are available such as boiler repairs, plumbing emergencies etc etc


Any users of these deliveries will need to phone either the local surgery or the shop/café and make all the arrangements and necessary payments for what they need. You can then phone SWRCCS on 01445791436 to arrange pick up and delivery. Prescription medicines will are being delivered on a particular day for an area and don’t need a phone call from the user.


What you can do


Get in touch and volunteer if you are able to take on deliveries in your area or if you want to volunteer as a telephonist making calls to people to keep in touch and to see if they need anything. To make deliveries you need to have access to a car or other form of transport, have been driving for 5 years minimum, not be self isolating or shielding. To be a telephonist you need to have access to a phone, good organisational skills and have a friendly pleasant nature to support people on the phone.

Further information on what our volunteers are doing can be found here

A driver's application form can be downloaded here

and a telephonist application form here


Phone Peter on 01445791335 or email


Please keep updated through our website

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