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SWRCCS General Information


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There is increasing recognition of social isolation and loneliness as major public health issues that can have a significant impact on a person’s physical and mental wellbeing. There is evidence showing social isolation and loneliness are experienced across Scotland. … The vision to tackle social isolation is for a Scotland where individuals and communities are more connected, and where everyone has the opportunity to develop meaningful relationships regardless of age, status, circumstances or identity.

Transport can play a crucial role in keeping people connected, allowing them to socialise, access services and meet with friends and family face-to-face. Transport essentially allows people to be socially active and therefore positively impact on their wellbeing.

Ref: National Transport Strategy for Scotland Draft 2, 2019


South West Ross Community Car Scheme (SWRCCS) exists to help address the need for flexible transport within our remote community. We take people and the things they need, so that they can lead active and independent lives, through accessing the support of volunteers from within the community. SWRCCS has been on the road since 2002 and currently has over 40 volunteers providing transport on a regular basis to members of the community who may be isolated, vulnerable or frail.

Area Covered

SWRCCS operates within the boundaries of Achnasheen, Kinlochewe, Torridon, Alligin, Diabaig, Shieldaig, the Applecross Peninsula, Kishorn, Achintraid, Ardaneaskan, Lochcarron, Strathcarron, Glen Carron (back up to Achnasheen).                                                                           


Journeys must normally be within the area. However, if required, SWRCCS can take residents out-with our boundaries for urgent medical need such as hospital appointments , if we have a driver available and willing to take on the run in question.



SWRCCS may be used for a variety of reasons;-

  • Medical -including delivery of prescriptions

  • accessing services – including local shops and garages

  • link up with existing public transport


Any reasonable request will be considered.

Journeys will normally take place between 9:00am and 8:30pm except in an emergency OR to meet up with public transport. Provided a driver is available, bookings can be made for weekdays and weekends.

NB The Scheme does not compete with public transport but actively encourages the use of public transport where and when it is available. Unless there is a very valid reason, a driver should not be asked to take a passenger on the same route, at the same time as any existing public transport. This is more flexible during the Covid pandemic.

In order to keep our records in accordance with regulations, SWRCCS journeys must be booked through one of the telephone volunteers. Journeys arranged any other way cannot be considered part of the scheme and will not qualify for mileage allowance because they will not come under our current funding agreements.

All drivers follow strict hygiene protocols when undertaking any journey and we would ask users of the journeys to do the same.

Journeys not normally allowed

The following journeys cannot normally be accepted:-

  • Under 18 years old unaccompanied by an adult

  • Journeys that could be done by public transport ((unless there are extenuating circumstances)

  • Journeys outwith the coverage area (see Area Covered)

  • Journeys for passengers not resident in the coverage area

  • Journeys to the pub

  • Regular journeys to or from place of work



The Scheme is for use by anyone resident within this area (and also relatives / friends visiting them), who, for whatever reason, is unable to use public transport for their journey and has no means of private transport, either temporarily or permanently. It is not intended, however, as a “taxi service” for tourists, nor will it ferry anyone to and from the pub of an evening!

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