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General Guidance for all Passenger runs

Please pick up any equipment needed for good hygiene practice from your local pick up point


Good practice - equipment

In addition to the Good Hygiene Practice - Equipment detailed above, drivers doing passenger runs should also get the following from SWRCCS pick up points for their car:

  • First Aid Kit

  • PPE face masks. FFP2 standard masks are advised if available for passenger runs.

  • Driver Bubble / Shield are available if needed

  • Passenger Run box – contains all the Good Hygiene Practice Equipment plus extra things for passenger journeys


It may also be advisable to have:-

  • plastic bowl / tub lined with plastic bag (for passenger runs)

  • small towel (for passenger runs)


Good practice - actions

 After taking advice from local medical professionals please take particular note of the following.


  • Before agreeing to undertake a passenger run, all drivers are requested to discuss giving passengers a lift in their vehicles with family members so that all members of their household have agreed to them taking part in passenger runs.  This is particularly important if members of the household are vulnerable.

  • A phone call to the passenger should be made prior to the run to check times of the run and pick up as well as mutually agreeing what precautions both driver and passenger would like to see during the car run. These additional precautions could include:-

    • Driver screen/shields

    • Lateral flow tests for driver and passenger

    • The passenger sitting in the back

NOTE: Both passenger and driver should agree to appropriate precautions that suit them both.




  • At the point of pick up if you feel that the passenger is showing symptoms, you can cancel the journey and explain to them why.

  • If there is more than one passenger, they should be from the same household unless agreed by all passengers and driver.

  • You can choose to wear gloves but regular sanitising of hands can be as effective.

  • Please follow the usual hygiene protocols washing hands etc before pick up, before leaving the hospital and avoid touching anything on the exit.

  • Both passenger and driver are advised to wear a face mask through the duration of the journey (this will be provided at local pick up points and FFP2 standard masks are advised for longer journeys).

  • Provide tissues and sanitiser for your passenger as well (in the Passenger Run Box). 

  • The car windows should be open if possible and if not the car ventilation / air conditioners system should be set to extract and NOT recirculate.




  • On your return home, change and wash clothes and have a shower before engaging with children, other adults etc (advice from nurses and others working in hospital environments). 

  • It is also advised to disinfect with anti-viral spray door handles, grab handles, seat belt straps and buckles, drivers bubble (if used) both before and after the hospital run.  Aerosol Fogger spray can also be used in the car before and after passenger runs to ensure airborne particles are minimised.


SWRCCS is continually reviewing these protocols and we will endeavour to keep you as informed and as up to date as possible.


Passengers requiring assistance

You must not lift a passenger - help, guide, support but DO NOT LIFT - get professional help if necessary.


Where passengers require professional assistance getting in / out of the vehicle and / or an escort, the person who has requested the booking should arrange this. For insurance reasons, SWRCCS is unable to provide specialised help and drivers should not be asked to do so. Passengers who require assistance are asked to bring along a carer or friend / relative to help them.


Please also take care if you are helping passengers with luggage, wheelchairs etc. You will be aware of how much assistance you personally are able to offer. Please do not feel pressurised into doing more than you are physically able without risk of injury to yourself!


Driver Safety

If, when you arrive to collect a passenger, they are drunk, under the influence of other drugs, abusive, threatening or in any way make you feel uncomfortable about taking them in your car, you should not do so. We expect all our passengers to behave in a reasonable manner.


If you do ever encounter a problem with a passenger, please report it to SWRCCS as soon as possible. The safety and well being of all our volunteers is extremely important and we need to be aware of any potential problems that may arise.


For Hospital Runs

  • The passenger needs to be asked to pick up a Patients Travel Claim Form from the clinic they are attending. Ask passenger to leave the patients travel form (signed) and £10 fare on the back seat.

NOTE: if attending Broadford or Dingwall hospitals, advise patient to pick up a form from reception and take it to clinic to get stamped.


Raigmore and other hospital news is available at


Note on hospital runs

SWRCCS also provides hospital runs at the request of local residents. These are funded by the NHS and are organised by the Coordinator. The NHS has stated that SWRCCS should only be used as a last resort and that passengers should first try to get a lift with family or friends who would be able to claim some expenses at the cash desk located in the hospital. However, if this option is not available to a passenger ONLY THEN should they approach SWRCCS to arrange a car run. IF YOU ARE APPROACHED TO DO A HOSPITAL RUN PLEASE ASK THE PASSENGER TO MAKE A REQUEST TO SWRCCS on 01445791335 or


If a driver agrees to do a hospital run please remember:

  • always leave enough time for the journey, embarking and disembarking from the car

  • the driver will be provided with a sign saying ‘dropping off for SWRCCS’ to leave in the windscreen

  • the passenger should be asked to ensure they collect a Patients’ Travel Expenses Claim Form from the clinic, sign it on the back and give it to the driver who then sends it in to SWRCCS with the monthly claim form

NOTE: if attending Broadford or Dingwall hospitals advise patient to pick up a form from reception and take it to clinic to get stamped.

  • the passenger is charged a flat rate of £10 (unless on particular income support)

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