General Guidance for All Deliveries

Please pick up any equipment needed for good hygiene practice from your local pick up point

If possible take a plastic crate to put things in from the delivery point. This can then be sanitised and cleaned before and after the delivery run and should only be touched by the driver. Keep it in the footwell or boot of the car. If the crate gets touched by a recipient try and sanitise that area and then sanitise your hands before touching any area in the car (car keys, door handles etc).

Please ensure you are at least 2m away from anyone you are taking delivery from or giving a delivery to.

Please make it clear to any recipient of a delivery to take precautions when handling and opening any received goods to minimise cross infection. If possible:

  • remove outer packaging straight away and put in the bin,

  • leave packages in sunlight for 24 hours (72 hours for plastic packaging),

  • do not put packages on surfaces used for other things such as kitchen tables

  • wash hands after taking the delivery

If using the plastic gloves please take them off and put them in the footwell of the car after each delivery using a different pair of gloves for each delivery OR regularly sanitise hands before and after each delivery. It is best to dispose of gloves straight into a bag or crate so that there is no contact with other parts of the car eg. door handles, steering wheel etc.

There is NO CHARGE for delivery runs


Delivery of prescription medicines

Patients needing prescription medicines to be delivered to their homes must phone the surgery to tell them that they would like SWRCCS to deliver them.

The driver will pick up the prescription medicines from the surgery and deliver them to the patients’ homes.Please phone the surgery before you set off just to check that there is a delivery to make.

Drivers must double check with the householder that the prescription medicines being delivered are for the right person by checking against the name and the address on the label.

Drivers will knock on the door and put the prescription medicines in a safe place outside the door (eg hanging on the door handle / on a small box). They should then step back to a distance of at least 2m and wait until they have seen someone open the door and pick up the medicines.

Timetable for delivery of medicines

  • From Lochcarron Medical Practice (01520722215) (pick up from 14:00)

    • Lochcarron Area every day Monday to Thursday

    • Kishorn – Friday

  • from Torridon Medical Practice (01445791223) (pick up 10:00):

    • Torridon, Inveralligin, Alligin and Diabaig – Tuesday

    • Shieldaig – Wednesday

    • Kinlochewe – Friday

  • From Applecross Medical Practice (01520744252) (pick up after 11:00)

    • Applecross and surrounding area Fridays






Pick Up / Delivery of Covid Tests

Drivers will get a contact number and address for the test pick up. Please phone just before arrival so that the person can hang the test on the door. The NHS advice given to the person is that they should not see the driver.

No payments will be taken for Covid test deliveries but expenses should be claimed as normal by the volunteer driver.

It is advised that drivers follow the General Guidance and delivery protocols above very strictly. The use of gloves is strongly advised. Place crate and bag outside the car, put on gloves and collect the completed test, place the test into the crate and ensure that gloves that have been in contact with anything that has been collected, are disposed of into a bag BEFORE touching or entering the car. Place crate into the car. A new pair of gloves should be used to take the test out of the car and deliver to post box or post office.

Drivers will deliver the completed test to Lochcarron Post Office and either hand in or put into the post box.


Delivery of food

Food deliveries can be organised with local shops, and SWRCCS will only do them if other friends, families and neighbours are unable to do it. Many local shops are able to deliver.

No payments will be taken for food deliveries – this needs to be arranged between the shop and the customer.

Drivers will knock on the door and put the food delivery on the floor. They should then step back to a distance of at least 2m and wait until they have seen someone open the door and pick up the food delivery.

Deliveries through Tesco Click and Collect to Torridon Community Centre can be delivered to the homes of people who are self isolating or are part of a vulnerable group.



Expenses will be claimed using the expenses claim form provided. Please attach the claim form to an email if possible rather than posting. A flat rate of 45p per mile can be claimed.

Drivers should also record the number of deliveries they did and the number of returned packages.





If you would like to volunteer please click here

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