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True or False:

A quiz to get to know the car scheme better!


I can use SWRCCS if I live in the South West Ross area – TRUE

Yes – if you are a resident anywhere from Kinlochewe to Strathcarron, including Torridon, Diabaig and Shieldaig or from Achnasheen to Applecross, including Lochcarron and Ardaneaskan – you can use the scheme if, for whatever reason, you don’t currently have access to personal transport.


I can go anywhere with the car scheme – FALSE

The main purpose of the car scheme is to get people to places within our area (see above). We will try and find a driver for any run within this area – to get to a medical appointment, the shop, the garage to pick up the car, to a friend’s house or café to meet up for coffee. However, if you need to go outwith the area for medical reasons such as an appointment at the optician or the hospital, then we can try and arrange a car run for you as long as you fulfil the other criteria set out below.


For hospital runs I should phone 01445791335 – TRUE

As long as you can’t get to the appointment through lifts from friends, family or on public transport, the car scheme can take you and the request no longer needs to come through the local medical practice. The coordinator (not the volunteer telephonist) will organise these runs for confidentiality purposes.


SWRCCS can be used instead of public transport – FALSE

If you are able to use public transport, or if you have friends and family to give you a lift, you should use these options first. The car scheme is there for people who don’t have access to these services or support and so should only be used if all other options have been explored. After all, it is depending on volunteers giving up their time to take you, so please do look at all other options first.


You have to pay for the run - True

We ask for 20p per mile contribution with a £1 minimum charge and a £10 maximum charge. Well worth it but all fares help with our funds and fares and contributions go some way to reimburse the volunteer driver for the use of their car, petrol etc


The car scheme is for anyone of any age - True

But, if you are under 18 you need to be accompanied by a parent, guardian or carer who is over 18. This is due to the need for additional Disclosure checks if we were to do runs for people under 18 unaccompanied.


Journeys to work are excluded – True

Regular trips to work are excluded as we rely on volunteers and there is a limit to the number of runs we are able to carry out and regular runs would take those resources away from others. We would make exceptions for people like carers caring for a local resident.


Those with limited mobility excluded – False

We can take people with limited mobility but the volunteer driver would not be expected to administer any personal care or carry out any lifting. Carers to support an individual on a journey would be welcome. If an individual requires a wheelchair then we need to know to ensure that the volunteer driver has a vehicle large enough to accommodate it.


I can use SWRCCS in an emergency straight away – FALSE

We ask for at least 48 hours notice to arrange a driver and even longer if you can. While we would try and support you in an emergency we are not really set up as an emergency service. If you need urgent medical attention you should phone 111.


I can get a regular check up call – TRUE

Our volunteer telephonists can give you a regular call just to see how you are getting on and if you need anything that we could help with such as prescription deliveries, picking up shopping, a lift to an appointment etc. Just phone and ask for a regular check up call and we can put you on the list!


All the volunteers are paid – FALSE

While the volunteer drivers are given some expenses to reimburse them for petrol costs and wear and tear to their vehicles, all the volunteers give their time, use of their car or phone absolutely free through dedication and their commitment to support other members of the community.


If I call the bookings line I am guaranteed a car run – FALSE

Sadly, if we can’t find a volunteer driver to take you then we won’t be able to do the run. However, we will make every effort to try and find a driver for you and it is rare that we have to say sorry we can’t do this one.


I would have to have regular and frequent free time to volunteer as a driver or telephonist - FALSE

Drivers and telephonists can volunteer for as much or as little as they are able or wish to give.  Every telephone booking period or drive is valuable, our volunteers enjoy their input and you will be made very welcome 


For more information about the car scheme you can look at

For booking a car run phone 01445791436 from Mon to Fri from 09:30 to 14:00

For other enquiries about the scheme, becoming a volunteer and so on phone Peter at the office on 01445791335. Please leave a message if transferred to the ansaphone and he will get back to you.

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