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The miles you travel in the volunteers car are charged to you at the rate of 20p per mile subject to a minimum charge of £1.00 per booking which covers up to the first 5 miles, and a maximum charge of £10.00 for any journey in excess of 50 miles. If requested when booking, drivers may be happy to wait up to 1 - 2 hours from arrival at your destination for the return journey. If you require longer at your destination you should book a separate return journey when making your initial booking.

How to pay

At the end of the journey your driver will calculate the fare based on the distance travelled. This is charged at 20p per mile, as outlined above, and should be paid directly to your driver. Please note that our drivers are unable to accept tips or gifts. However, should you wish to, you are welcome to add a donation to the fare which will be passed on to the Scheme.

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