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Introduction and Purpose

  1. This policy is for SWRCCS Trustees / Directors employed staff and volunteers. 

  2. The purpose of expenses claims is to reimburse individuals for any mileage expenses, authorised subsistence, related expenses or other purchases / expenses, which have been incurred as a result of carrying out duties or activities on behalf of the SWRCCS.

  3. Trustees, volunteers and staff should interpret this policy within the charitable context of the organisation.

  4. Accurate completion of the claim forms ensure that SWRCCS complies with its own standards of probity and demonstrates compliance with the requirements of our funders as well as giving SWRCCS valuable statistical information and data necessary for the financial accounts.

  5. The Financial Controls and Authorisation Policy identifies the spending limits and authorisation policies and procedures to be followed.


Travel / Mileage

  1. Claims for travel, subsistence and other expenses will only be reimbursed upon submission of a completed claim form with receipts as appropriate.

  2. Travel and subsistence expenses for attendance at meetings, seminars etc. either held locally or outwith the SWRCCS catchment area must be pre-approved and authorised by an officer of the Scheme

  3. Trustees, volunteers and staff who undertake car runs for SWRCCS or who are required to travel on official journeys are entitled to receive travelling expenses. Individuals are also entitled to claim for other authorised expenditure incurred on SWRCCS business

  4. The current mileage rates payable are 45p per mile for dead miles (non passenger miles) and 50p per mile for live miles (passenger miles).  20p per mile can also be claimed for runs undertaken by bicycle. Mileage rates are determined by HMRC rates and do not result in tax or national insurance liability for the Scheme or the claimant. Individuals claiming mileage expenses against other organisations should check their total yearly mileage claim against HMRC tax rules

  5. Volunteer drivers should check their position with their insurance provider (see Drivers’ manual).

  6. Where parking or other charges are incurred as a result of an arranged journey, receipts must be submitted and charges will be reimbursed in full.

  7. Mileages not covered by the schedule in the Drivers Manual can be determined by trip or mileometer readings or through an on-line route planner e.g.,, or

  8. Car journeys should be made by the most direct route unless there are valid reasons e.g. safety, road closures, weather conditions

  9. Rail or bus cards should be used where appropriate.

  10. Reimbursement of 1st class travel tickets or taxi fares will not normally be authorised.


Payment of Expenses

  1. Every effort is made to process claims as speedily as possible. To avoid volunteers being out of pocket, all expenses claim forms should be sent to the Coordinator before the 15th of each month if possible for authorisation and payment by bank transfer, however expenses amounting to less than £5 may not be processed immediately and could be carried forward and included in a subsequent claim.

  2. Queries relating to all expenses should be made initially to the Coordinator.

  3. Record keeping – all expense claims shall be kept for a period of 5 years. Trustee, staff and volunteer expenses will be accounted for separately.

To contact the Coordinator please phone 01445 791335 or email

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