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Our Coverage

SWRCCS operates in a beautiful part of the country and the residents value and appreciate being here as part of the environment and the communities in which we live. However, the remote nature of the area brings challenges in terms of access to services, public transport and social life. For someone without access to their own private transport even access the shops and local social events can be a struggle and this is where SWRCCS can help, providing transport through volunteers to get people to where they want to go. This enables people to access local services, see friends and family reducing isolation and enabling people to remain independent for longer in their own home. 


Many essential services are not available in the immediate area and those services that do exist can be sparsely distributed. In some parts of the area, such as Diabaig there is no public transport. A bus from Applecross can only be accessed twice a week. A journey to a supermarket can take 2 hours and be a 130 mile round trip, a return journey to a hospital appointment means driving for between 2 to 5 hours, a journey of anywhere between 80 and 160 miles. For our older residents accessing these appointments is essential and this is where SWRCCS steps in, providing transport through volunteers to enable residents to access these services. 

Our coverage extends from the entire Applecross peninsula, north to Kinlochewe, east to Achnasheen and south to Strome and Attadale.

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